Award-winning songwriter with the voice of an angel, Lizzy Hoyt delivers music with soaring melodies rooted in Celtic and folk traditions.

Acclaimed songwriter, Lizzy Hoyt is one of Canada’s most powerful Celtic-folk artists. Known for bringing Canadian history to life with  music, her songs like “Vimy Ridge”, “White Feather”, and “New Lady on the Prairie” have garnered awards and nominations while also connecting strongly with audiences across the country. In 2013, Lizzy was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Governor General of Canada for her outstanding contribution to commemorating Canadian veterans and history through music.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Lizzy toured for ten years as a side musician before pursuing her own projects. She has been praised for her mastery of the fiddle, guitar and harp by the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Penguin Eggs, Bluegrass Unlimited, Star News, and more. CBC’s Chris Della Torre calls her “a musician’s musician” and notes “fans that want their artists to play well can find that with [her]”. In addition to this praise, her voice has been described as “otherworldly”, “angelic", “sweet”, and “pure” and as a singer, she has been recognized for her clarity and precision.

Lizzy is a full-time musician who travels and tours throughout Canada during the year with her trio. She has performed at renowned folk festivals (Edmonton Folk Festival, Montreal Folk Festival, Goderich Celtic Roots Festivals), folk clubs (Calgary Folk Club, Nickelodeon Folk Club, Northern Lights Folk Club) and through performing arts networks across the country. Throughout her career, she has released four independent albums and two music videos.

"[She expresses] a fine feel for lyric and melody that makes New Lady on the Prairie a definite winner."

- Tom Franks, Folk Words, UK

“Hoyt is a very good fiddler [who] can play soft and plaintively or more aggressively in the Canadian step-dance tradition. And as before, her vocals are sweet and angelic, but she can wrench a mournful delivery with equal ease.”

- B.F., Bluegrass Unlimited

"Poignant storytelling is a hallmark of Hoyt's music."

- Meghann Baxter, Vue Weekly

"Where many folk artists concentrate mainly on the songwriting, Lizzy Hoyt places equal emphasis on her musicianship. It would be safe to call [her] a musician's musician. Fans that want their artists to play well can find that with [her]."

- Chris Della Torre, CBC

Lizzy’s fourth album New Lady on the Prairie (produced by John Reischman and Lizzy Hoyt) demonstrates a mature and refined ‘trans-Atlantic’ sound that blends influences from Celtic, bluegrass and folk traditions. The title track, inspired by Lizzy’s great aunt immigrating to Canada from Ireland in the early 1900s, demonstrates her interest in historical songwriting and her ability to craft songs that are touching, poignant, and lyrically rich. Her talents as an arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist are also featured in spades (she recorded guitar, fiddle, harp, accordion and harmonies for the project). The album was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, Western Canadian Music Award and three Independent Music Awards. It was also named one of the Best Albums of 2014 by the Indie Acoustic Project.

Lizzy has enjoyed substantial success at folk radio as an independent artist. Following the release of New Lady on the Prairie, she was the 4th most payed Canadian album on FolkDJ Radio playlist and charted as #2 on the Roots Music Report for Celtic Artists. Despite the fact that the album was released in October, it still ranked among the top 20 most played Canadian albums of 2014!

Other awards and nominations for Lizzy’s music and projects include International Acoustic Music Award (Best Female Artist), Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee (Traditional Singer of the Year), finalist standing in two international songwriting competitions (John Lennon Songwriting Contest, USA Songwriting Competition) as well as ten awards at multiple international film festivals for her Vimy Ridge Video.

Lizzy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Alberta. She graduated with distinction in 2009. Beyond her own show, she is a sought-after instrumentalist and adjudicator for music festivals. She has toured as part of “Genius of the Violin” and as a classical vocalist with the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy, Manitoba Underground Opera and Flipside Opera.

Fun Facts about Lizzy - 

• Lizzy graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

• Lizzy’s hobbies include gardening, cooking (and therefore eating!), yoga and walking.

• An avid traveller, she has visited 20 countries.

• Lizzy’s grandparents started dating while playing in a dance band called “The Silvertones”. Her grandfather played fiddle, saxophone (and other instruments) while her grandmother played the piano. Her great uncle played the trumpet in the same band. 

• Both of Lizzy’s parents are professional classical musicians. Her mother is a pianist and her father is a conductor and retired french horn player.

• Lizzy’s fiddle was made in Michigan in 1895. She has owned it since 1996.

• Lizzy once had the opportunity to play a Guarnari violin.

• Some of Lizzy’s favourite foods are blueberries, soft cheeses and chocolate.

• Lizzy’s favourite movies include White Christmas, The Wizard of Oz, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, The Sound of Music, Weekend at Bernie’s and The Princess Bride

• Lizzy's favourite books include The Catcher in the Rye, Snow Falling on Cedars, No Great Mischief,  Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.