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"Hoyt's mastery of the fiddle seems effortless. Her chatter is engaging and her songwriting seems to flow from her soul." 

- Roger Holmes
Star News

"The expertise displayed by each musician is jaw-dropping and it's matched by their sensitivity and taste... Lizzy Hoyt displays equal mastery of the fiddle, harp and guitar, complemented by an otherworldly voice. To top it off, she comes across as a truly natural and relaxed, people loving performer."

- Jim Sinclair
Castlegar News

"Mainstream music was demoted to boring for anyone lucky enough to catch...Lizzy Hoyt, who captured the vibrancy of indie-pop, but exceeded it with her depth and diversity. For more than an hour, Hoyt hooked fans, body and soul, through her forceful performance"

- Samantha Garvey
The Omega (Thompson Rivers University)

 "She takes her voice into cracks and corners of the clouds as she unites modern and traditional stylings. She is at ease in the right here and now, but with utter simplicity she can turn back decades or centuries in her songs."

- Dan St. Ives
Calgary Herald

"Lizzy Hoyt is a clean and energetic player who performs with animation." 

     - Jerry Ozipko
SEE Magazine

"Lizzy Hoyt could make it as a fiddler in the best of bands." 

     - Nick Lees
The Edmonton Journal

Live Performance Review


Edmonton's Lizzy Hoyt… [makes] the world a far smaller place when [she] performs. Last night at the Calgary Folk Club, [she] could have been anywhere around the globe as [she] brought real-deal Celtic sounds to a very appreciative audience.

 Lizzy Hoyt wasted no time showcasing why she was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Solo Artist of the Year, opening with a blistering fiddle track ahead of introducing the title song of her latest album, New Lady On The Prairie. The album is much like the song it’s named after – diverse, personal, and captivating.

Hoyt’s vocals (especially when she pairs them with a Celtic harp) evokes a bit of Loreena McKennitt, yet she takes her voice into cracks and corners of the clouds as she unites modern and traditional stylings. She is at ease in the right here and now, but with utter simplicity she can turn back decades or centuries in her songs.

The Pantheon(Les Justes de France, Jean Moulin, Marie Curie) was an especially emotional performance, given the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Sometimes artists just have an uncanny ability to capture a moment that is bigger than first intended, even if they have come up with that well before something that happens outside of their control.

Despite those flawless workouts on her fiddle digging deep into lively and urgent traditional sounds, the highlights that had the audience literally brought to tears were the moments that personal stories and melody meshed perfectly, like the historical personal tale told in White Feather, or her a cappella version of Danny Boy that you have to hear to fully appreciate. That was the treat in her encore, after a well-deserved standing ovation to the trio’s set ending.

Hoyt was joined by mandolin and guitar player, Chris Tabbert and on upright bass Keith Rempel – as she alternated herself on acoustic guitar, a snappy-looking carbon fibre fiddle, and that aforementioned Celtic harp.

Album Reviews - New Lady on the Prairie

"[She expresses] a fine feel for lyric and melody that makes New Lady on the Prairie a definite winner" 

- Tom Franks
Folk Words, UK (New Lady on the Prairie)

"Hoyt is a very good fiddler [who] can play softly and plaintively, or more aggressively in the Canadian step-dance tradition. And as before, her vocals are sweet and angelic, but she can wrench a mournful delivery with equal ease. This is a very good project to showcase this talented new lady on the prairie."

- B.F.
Bluegrass Unlimited (New Lady on the Prairie)

"Hoyt is a singer of clarity and precision who brings these [songs] to vibrant life, as she does with [her] fiddle tunes… She also takes the often overworked song Danny Boy, giving it an understated treatment that well serves the song and adds her own stamp to it."

 - Kerry Dexter
MusicRoad Blog (New Lady on the Prairie)

"Alberta's fiddling rose stretches out on this recording, striking an ideal tension between atmosphere and instrumental elocution. The title track is stunning but is by no means the album's only standout. Beautiful stuff, this."

- Donald Teplyske
Fervor Coulee Roots Music (New Lady on the Prairie)

"A highly polished album"

-Katharine Duncan
CBC, Key of A (New Lady on the Prairie)

"Outstanding Celtic music from award-winning Canadian songstress. All tracks are terrific! Danny Boy: lovely spare rendition, incredible!"

KZSU Radio, Stanford (New Lady on the Prairie) 

Album reviews - home

"Apart from her lively, shimmering fiddle work, Hoyt also has a beautiful pure voice. The title tune "Home", [is] a homesick love song for Alberta. She wants to tour more in the future and based on the new CD, she could be Homesick sooner than she thinks."

     - Roger Levesque
The Edmonton Journal (Home)

"The standout for me was Hoyt's wistful vocals on one of her own ballads, the title track "Home". Singing, "As the plane lands, I'm welcomed by a quilt of coloured fields / Oh, the Alberta sky gives me space to breathe," the track is a testament to Hoyt the songsmith. This album blends all of Hoyt's skills together to prove she's a true musician."

     - Jen Hoyer
SEE Magazine (Home)

"[Home] demonstrates a mature overall sound, with carefully chosen and arranged tunes and songs that give listeners a sense of Hoyt's particular sound."

 - Meghan C. Forsyth
Canadian Folk Music (Home)

album reviews - a christmas song

"Lizzy Hoyt has a really fine, clear voice and is an exceptional instrumentalist on both fiddle and guitar. If you're in the mood for a Celtic Christmas disc, this is a really good one. Top marks to Lizzy Hoyt and Jeremiah McDade."

 - Barry Hammond
Penguin Eggs (A Christmas Song)


More quotes:

"Several generations back, her family came from Ireland to Canada, and Hoyt entwines traditions and stories of both countries in her music."

- Kerry Dexter
Wandering Educators

"Where many folk artists concentrate mainly on the songwriting, Lizzy Hoyt places equal emphasis on her musicianship. It would be safe to call [her] a musician's musician. Fans that want their artists to play well can find that with [her]."

- Chris Della Torre
CBC, Daybreak Alberta

"Poignant storytelling is a hallmark of Hoyt's music"

- Meaghan Baxter
Vue Weekly

"Lizzy Hoyt can play her fiddle at breathtaking speed, but nothing is rushed about her music. She is too much of a perfectionist for that, too respectful of her art, its history and tradition." 

- Marcus Day
The Barrhead Leader

"In an age of spectacle and flash, Lizzy Hoyt focuses on musical talent and artistry." 

- Jonathan Milke
The Fort Saskatchewan Record